oilWe know how bad the burning of fossil fuels is for the environment. It is the primary (and realistically, the only) cause for modern global warming. So switching over from fossil fuels to alternative and clean energy is an essential step for mankind. Now, we all know about solar energy, wind energy and hydroelectric energy. All of these are the most commonly seen types of clean power generation. But they are far from the only ones.

You see, anywhere there is energy, there is the potential for generating electricity. All that you need to do is figure out how to efficiently convert it from one form into another. Wind energy is essential mechanical energy (movement) being transformed into electricity. So again, wherever you have energy being exerted, there is the potential for electricity generation.

So it would go to follow that there would be lots of different ways to generate power. Well, there are. Aside from the three mentioned above, there are some radical and forward-thinking means of creating electricity that most of us have never even heard of. So what are they? Well, we’re going to look at a few of them now and see some interesting ways that electricity can be generated.


As previously stated, anywhere you have energy being exerted there is the potential to create electricity. Well imagine how much energy it takes to move the oceans! The tides and ocean currents are a source of mechanical energy that just have yet to be harnessed. Well, until now. There are a few different types of models, but tidal energy just became a thing. Think of it like an underwater windmill, that moves with the ocean currents and tides. This is once again mechanical energy being transferred and transformed into electrical energy. These devices will be underwater (so no change to the landscape) and will also not be moving fast enough to harm ocean life.


What is sound? Well, it’s a wave of vibration that travels through the air or other medium till it reaches our ears. Well that sounds like energy to me. And if sound is energy, then there must be a way to convert it into power. Well, some researchers have built a device that does just that. While it doesn’t generate a whole lot of power, these devices set up in the right places (think a busy highway or airport) could generate a bit of extra electricity. Imagine being able to charge your phone at an airport using just the sound of the planes. Very cool idea with a lot of potential points of application.


Ever heard that you can light a fart on fire? Well, that urban myth actually happens to be true. Human waste has certain gases in it that are combustible and could thereby be used to generate electricity. As disgusting as it sounds, it’s actually a pretty effective way of generating power. All that would need to be done is creating a way to gather all of the necessary…fuel. So while not exactly an attractive method, it could still be a viable one especially in underdeveloped countries. Imagine a toilet that also acts as a power generator! While it’s not something that will generate a great deal of energy, if it could even keep the lights on at night, it could make a big difference for poor families.

Lamp-With-Recycle-SymbolAll of these forms of alternative energy, combined, could power the world and keep up with global energy needs. There really is no need to continue relying on fossil fuels with so many other untapped sources of energy all around us. We could be taking advantage of far more sources of energy that we currently are.

But there is still the matter of energy reduction. After all, a lot of sources of alternative power aren’t steady or continuous. Solar power is only able to be generated for a few hours a day. Winds come and go as does the strength of ocean currents. And even these above mentioned sources are subject to fluctuation. So it’s important that we all still try to keep out energy usage low, and be considerate to not waste electricity through misuse, and to save it like with using the electric saver 1200 device to prevent the waste of it. We could become a society that completely relies on clean energy, we just need to curb our overuse of it so that there is enough electricity for everyone.

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