5th Annual Scottsdale Dia de Los Muertos Art Installation Experience with “Noche de Muertos” Performance Evening Announced


LORE Media & Arts and the Old Adobe Mission present the 5th edition Los Muertos Scottsdale Dia Art Installation Experience, a seven-day interactive event celebrating the rich and ancient traditions of Dia de Los Muertos, commonly referred to as “Day of the Dead” and “Noche de Muertos”A single concert evening evening of music and dance performances.

What: the city of Scottsdale’s The official annual tradition of Dia de Los Muertos returns to the old town with an expanded experience of art installation on the Former Adobe mission land. See art installations, Mesoamerican-inspired sculptures, traditional altars, and an experience Noche de Muertos a single evening concert of music and dance performances.

When: Artistic installation experience: From Thursday October 28 to Wednesday November 3, daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Noche de Muertos: A unique concert evening of music and dance: Saturday, October 30 7:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.

Where: Old Adobe Mission, 3817 N. Brown Ave, 1st Street, Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona

Price: Noche de Muertos is free. Admission fees apply for the SDDLM art installation experience. Please visit scottsdalediadelosmuertos.com and social networks @scottsdalediadelosmuertos & @loremediaandarts for more information.

What happens:

The Los Muertos 2021 Scottsdale Dia Art Installation Experience will be held on the sacred grounds of the Former Adobe mission with more extensive and elaborate art and altars exhibits on mission grounds.

Scottsdale Dia de Los Muertos brings together world-class artists and the local community to create a vibrant, visually entertaining and larger-than-life intercultural experience.

Dia de Los Muertos and Mesoamerican-inspired wall and art panels painted by leading artists from the Valley, the Southwest, Los Angeles and Mexico City will be on display this year. Art co-curator Lucretia Torva, famous local father and team of sons Such and Champs, Tato Caraveo, Darrin Wardle, Maggie Keane and many other artists will return with new artistic presentations. Folk art designers from the Oaxaca State Department of Culture and Art will also present a new series of Scottsdale community altars with traditional offerings.

In addition to the 7-day daily “Artistic installation experience”A new one-day evening concert experience (October 30) called“Noche de MuertosWill be presented from 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Presentations of music and performances from the Valley, Los Angeles and Mexico City will be presented.

Robert ramirez Scottsdale Dia de Los Muertos Founder and Culture Media and Arts spokesperson said:

“As we enter our 5th year of celebrating Dia de Los Muertos in the Old Town, we will continue to dedicate ourselves to creating a sacred space that honors the memory of our deceased, welcomes artistic expression and celebrates the diversity and origins of Scottsdale. “

LORE Media & Arts specializes in the production of cultural events. At the service of the community, through the arts.

About Scottsdale Dia De Los Muertos

Scottsdale Dia de Los Muertos is a family event where attendees can experience and celebrate Day of the Dead in downtown Scottsdale AZ.


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