A man flew to the United States to convert Americans to his religion, but now he shares Jesus


A Muslim flew to the United States with the intention of converting Americans to his religion. But after encountering the love of God, he became a preacher of the Gospel of the Good News in Jesus Christ.

Converting Americans to His Religious Mission

Al Fadi came to the United States with a purpose. He not only came to the country to pursue his higher education, but also to convince Americans to embrace Islam. With this in mind, he arrived in the United States determined to accomplish his mission. Unbeknownst to the Muslim, the pursuit would lead him to encounter the true God, Jesus.

As someone who embraced the Islamic religion, Al Fadi believed that “sacrificing his life for Allah” would lead him to paradise. Extremists believe that such a sacrifice is “the highest order of giving to Allah”. Therefore, he also had the same mindset when he entered the United States.

Meet the love of God

In the United States, Al Fadi joined a program to deepen American culture and improve his English. It was then that he met a Christian couple who showed him what the love of Christ was like. He took a liking to the couple, and soon it moved his heart to seek the truth about Christ.


Later, Al Fadi’s eyes were opened and he clearly saw the difference between his religion and the God of the Bible. Contrary to his belief that he had to sacrifice his life to get to heaven, God the Father gave his only begotten Son to save mankind from their sins. More so, he promised to give eternal life through his Son, Jesus, if anyone would accept him as their Saviour.

Share Jesus

Until the day Al Fadi finally gave his life to Jesus and accepted him as his Lord and Saviour. It was the first time he felt such freedom in his life. And since then he has never looked back.

Today, the former devout Muslim has become a professor at Arizona Christian University. It is now his mission to preach Jesus to the world.

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