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Reader calls on older people to do their part to fight climate change, as it is their responsibility to younger people. (Courtesy picture)

Letter: Adults have a responsibility to young people in the fight against climate change

Reader enjoys Salmon Arm high school students’ essays on the future

I would like to congratulate you for publishing in the June 22 Observer the story that a young winner of the essay contest wrote.

(Title: Salmon Arm essay authors envision life in the Shuswap in 2052)

I have grandchildren and they feel some anxiety about what the future holds for them. Our older generation has a responsibility to them and their future, to set an example for them.

We can reduce, reuse and recycle. We can live a reduced life. We can share our houses instead of building extravagant new ones, even if we have the money to build bigger and bigger ones. We can all use the technology and the possibilities of living with solar energy. This is something our government could do quite easily as it did in Arizona.

The provincial government could give rebates for solar installations in southern BC because we have a lot of sunlight that could be stored. The article that the essay contest winner wrote should be shared for all Canadians to see.

Rose Mitchell

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