An astonishing art discovered after the death of a woman from Maine


amazing and secret work of art

Tina Pesce, 74, had a secret. One that she hid from everyone, including her son. Tina Pesce moved to Stockton Springs because she wanted to be on the waterfront. The charming yellow cottage offers spectacular views. Tina was a private woman who had moved to the Woburn, Massachusetts area where she had a ceramics workshop according to the She didn’t just sit on her porch and enjoy the view, she painted it. Everywhere at home.

Surprise discovery

According to, it was only after Tina Pesce died that the murals were discovered. They go from floor to ceiling throughout the house and they are amazing. I can’t imagine how long it took to do all of these paintings, but the view inside the house is fantastic. Imagine sitting in your living room surrounded by fall foliage. An artist who lives in the area told “Being a muralist myself, it’s always fun to see the work of others. It’s always amazing when an artist does things himself and doesn’t worry about being seen. Having someone in your small town doing something that nobody knew, like that… I think everyone was blown away. She was very talented.

Can there be a better retirement?

Imagine that you are an artist, that you have a cottage by the water, and that you spend all your days painting beautiful landscapes on all the walls of your house. Not for anyone else, just for your own enjoyment. Next time my grandson picks up a pencil, I won’t stop him from coloring on the walls. The art that Tina Pesce has created is wonderful. I wish she knew how impressed everyone is with her talent. But what a beautiful thing she painted just for sheer joy.

From the perspective of this woman’s house which also looks like a great place to retire …

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