Arnold Schwarzenegger to Johnny Depp: The Art of Public Statues: How Hollywood Stars Mastered It Read This

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Hollywood celebrities have frequently come to unveil their public statues, while Indian celebrities continue to be captivated by wax figures. While wax figures are considered a source of great pride among Indian superstars, public monuments are far more popular in Hollywood. Only a few Indian celebrities, such as actor Rajesh Khanna and filmmaker Yash Chopra, have prominent carvings. However, it seems that the public sculpture craze is slowly spreading among B-Town celebrities, despite it already being a massive thing among Western celebrities.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Austria

In 2011, a huge monument to Austria’s most famous living son, actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, was erected in front of the house where he was born. The former California governor commissioned a bronze sculpture of his young bodybuilder to honor the opening of a museum dedicated to all things Schwarzenegger.

Bob Marley in Serbia

Former Yugoslav musicians erected this statue of Jamaican reggae legend Bob Marley as a symbol of peace less than a decade after the region’s brutal civil war. Famous Serbian and Croatian musicians unveiled the statue with the inscription “Bob Marley – freedom fighter armed with a guitar” at the Rock Village music festival in the Serbian hamlet of Banatski Sokolac.

Bruce Lee in Bosnia

Famous statues that look out of place are a Balkan fetish. Why, on November 26, 2005, was the first public tribute to Bruce Lee unveiled in Bosnia? To be fair, Hong Kong quickly followed up with their own tribute to Lee a day later. Los Angeles, on the other hand, has spent a lot of time honoring the Kung Fu legend with a 7-foot statue in Chinatown’s Central Plaza.

Elvis Presley in Nashville

The king of rock is probably the most famous performer in the world, with an impressive number of sculptures. From Memphis in Japan, Israel to Shreveport, Louisiana, Elvis Prestley monuments are drawing fans. This tribute to Elvis Presley, the representative in all his glory, is located in Nashville, the country music capital, and is a renowned tourist attraction that attracts visitors from all over the world.

Johnny Depp in Serbia

One of the weirdest attempts at VIP statuary is this sculpture in a Serbian mountain town. Emir Kusturica, who directed Johnny Depp in the 1992 film ‘Arizona Dream’, erected a statue in honor of the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ actor a few years ago to kick off Kusturica’s annual Kustendorf film festival .

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