Art shippers will have a NYC – Los Angeles – NYC cross-country art shuttle on March 23


Arts logistics company Fine Art Shippers has announced that its next transnational NYC – Los Angeles – NYC art shuttle is scheduled for March 23.

On March 23, Fine Art Shippers will launch the new NYC – Los Angeles – NYC art shuttle to deliver fine art and antiques from New York to California and Washington. During the shuttle, the company will visit a number of cities on its route from the east coast to the west coast and back. Shuttle dates are subject to change, so each potential customer should contact Fine Art Shippers in advance.

From New York, Fine Art Shippers will go straight to Atlanta, Georgia, where it will make the first stop. The next major destination will be Austin, but en route to the Texas capital shippers will pass through New Orleans and Houston where stops will also be made. Before entering California, the truck will visit Tulsa, Oklahoma, Santa Fe, New Mexico and Phoenix, Arizona. Upon arrival in the Golden State, pickups and deliveries will be made in Redlands, Los Angeles, San Mateo, San Francisco and Corte Madera. Once all shipping orders are fulfilled, the art moving company will head to Washington State.

Fine Art Shippers will visit Seattle and travel to Coupeville, the county seat of Island County. After leaving Washington, the shuttle will head to Wilson, Wyoming and then visit Aspen and Denver. On the way to Illinois, Fine Art Shippers will make additional stops in St. Louis, Missouri, and Elm Grove, Wisconsin. In Illinois, the team of professional art managers will provide their art services in Evanston and Chicago. From there, the art moving company will head to Pittsburgh and New York, the final destination of the NYC – Los Angeles – NYC art shuttle. It should be mentioned that all artwork can be delivered within the five boroughs of the Big Apple.

Fine Art Shippers’ next cross-country art shuttle can become a very efficient way to ship valuable items across the country. Given the company’s experience and reputation, art shippers can guarantee the safety of delicate cargo during transportation. Additionally, they offer a wide variety of value-added services, such as art insurance and storage, which can ease the burden on potential clients. Fine Art Shippers has been known as a reliable art logistics service provider since its foundation many years ago. The company’s art shuttle services are enjoyed by many contemporary artists, collectors and institutions nationwide.

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