Artopia combines art and technology for a unique interactive experience


If you’ve always wanted to experience Meow Wolf, a series of large-scale immersive art installations in Santa Fe, Las Vegas and Denver, consider a visit to Artopia, where you can step into a different dimension in which light, color and mute the sound. Imagine this creative universe being right in your backyard – and designed by local artists.

Artopia opened in Phoenix in March and features murals, sculptures and interactive artwork by some of Arizona’s most talented street artists. Start by stepping into an alien spaceship with sound-activated LED lights and traversing a futuristic landscape lined with colorful neon lights and otherworldly sculptures. Then, walk through an ethereal cloud tunnel where more colorful light installations greet you on the other side. End your trip at the Artopia Lounge, where you can order art-themed cocktails and explore the open-air art park and gallery at your leisure.

Photo by Madison Rutherford

The Artopia concept was conceived in Chicago by entertainment companies Superfrüit Presents and Fever. After a hugely successful first run—the experience drew over 20,000 attendees in two months—they decided to bring the installation to another major metropolitan market with a thriving art scene: Phoenix.

Artopia’s mission is to provide a space where creators and the general public can connect over a shared love of interactive art. Her bold and impactful pieces aim to leave visitors inspired to create their own art and encourage them to take photos, videos and document their experience in their own way.

Photo by Madison Rutherford

The experience is open Thursday and Friday from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 1 p.m. to 10 p.m. It is suitable for guests of all ages and the space can accommodate large groups. Artopia allows guests to explore an innovative and immersive art exhibition. For guests 21 and older, there’s also Artopia After Dark, a variety show that includes burlesque, street dancing, drag performances, circus acts and more every Friday and Saturday at from 10 p.m. It’s a truly unique experience that embodies the multi-faceted, forward-thinking of Artopia. think philosophy. The best part is that it also thoroughly represents the unique art and culture of Phoenix.

Artopia: The Immersive Art Experience, 313 W. Apache St.,


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