Biden will sign a major health, climate and tax bill during the White House ceremony on Tuesday

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(WASHINGTON) — President Joe Biden plans to sign into law the Democrats’ massive climate, health care and tax bill at the White House on Tuesday, marking a major achievement for his national agenda less than three months before the midterm election. -mandate.

Biden will deliver remarks and sign the bill, known as the Cut Inflation Act, at an event in the White House State Dining Room, the White House announced Monday.

It will likely be a smaller ceremony, with most members of Congress involved in passing the bill out of town, as Congress is out of session.

Harnessing some political momentum, Biden cuts off his vacation in South Carolina for the signing, just days after the House approved the measure, after the Senate passed by a single vote amid drama Politics.

A bigger celebration is planned for September 6th.

The White House also said that, “in the coming weeks,” Biden will host a Cabinet meeting focused on implementing the new law and will also travel across the United States to promote it.

The Biden administration has planned a nationwide rollout for the legislation, which aims to make prescription drugs and health insurance cheaper; investing in clean energy and curbing climate change; raise taxes on the rich; and reduce the deficit.

Starting this week and running through the end of August, Cabinet members plan to visit 23 states, on more than 35 trips, to tout the ‘Cutting Inflation Act’, according to the White House .

The administration also plans to disseminate information online and on social media about the impact of the legislation, and work with members of Congress to host hundreds of events, the White House said.

The blitz will highlight other major legislative victories as well as part of a “Building a Better America” ​​tour.

In a memo released by the White House from Senior Adviser Anita Dunn and Deputy Chief of Staff Jen O’Malley Dillon to Chief of Staff Ron Klain, the administration not only plans to tout the passage of the IRA , but also from the CHIPS Act aimed at boosting the US semiconductor industry over that of China and alleviating a shortage caused by a pandemic, the bipartisan gun control bill and the bipartisan infrastructure bill.

Ahead of Tuesday’s signing, the White House on Monday released what it said would be the impact of the IRA.

According to the White House, about 1.4 million Americans who receive Medicare and who typically spend more than $2,000 a year on prescription drugs will have their costs capped at that amount. Overall, he says, there are about 50 million Americans under Medicare Part D who are eligible for this cost cap.

The White House said. there are approximately 3.3 million Americans on Medicare who use insulin, who will benefit from the new $35 monthly price cap.

The White House also estimates that about 5 to 7 million Americans could see their prescription drug costs drop once Medicare begins to negotiate costs.

The Obamacare premium cut will be extended to the 13 million Americans insured under the program, the White House said.

And the White House also claims that greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced by a billion metric tons in 2030 thanks to the IRA.

ABC News’ Sarah Kolinovsky and Justin Gomez contributed to this report.

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