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The “both / and” is an optional lifestyle. Let me give you an example of how this works.

Do you know that there are two great seasons in our lives? The Bible calls these seasons strength and wisdom. So first, there is a time for strength. Then as you gain experience and lose strength, the season turns into wisdom. Interested?

Proverbs 20:29 reveals this truth to us: “The glory of young men is their strength, and the honor of old men is their gray hair. Thus, gray hair is a symbol of Old Testament wisdom.

So there is a time of strength and a time of wisdom in our lives. I loved the highlights of my life. I could stay out all night drag racing along Central Avenue in Phoenix. I could come in at 4.30am and get up at 6.30am and work all day.

I could play two rounds of golf in a row in the summer. I could eat eggs, bacon, and the good stuff stuffed with cholesterol. I remember water skiing for hours. When I was a young business owner, I stayed awake for three days in a row to complete urgent work that needed to be completed on time. If I tried this now, I’d be toast.

Today I eat things like bran flakes, read the newspaper, drink coffee, and have air conditioning in my car. In my youth, air conditioning was just something that stole power. Today, I wouldn’t leave the house without air conditioning.

The hair that was on my head is growing out of my nose and ears. I am not losing any hair; I take the face. I need three Snickers bars to move around the golf course while my young friends watch in wonder. I even listen to classical music. I’m even starting to look like my dad. Oh, the price of wisdom.

You could say I’ve made the transition, transformed, or maybe I’m just a little older and hopefully wiser. But I am older than I want to admit and in the time of life wisdom. Sometimes confusion over what time of life we ​​find ourselves in causes identity issues and midlife crises. But both seasons are good and God. This is how God designed life.

Here’s a story, written a long time ago, of how the young and old came together in a way that created a win-win situation for both.

An old man met a young man who asked him, “Do you remember me? “No, I don’t,” said the old man. Then the young man tells the older man that he was his student at school. The teacher asks, “What is your occupation now? “I became a teacher. “So you became a teacher like me?” ”

The student says, “Well, yes. I became a teacher because you inspired me to be like you. “It’s interesting. How did I influence you to choose to be a teacher?

The young man replied: “One day a friend of mine, also a student, came to class with a new watch. I wanted it. I stole it from his pocket. When my friend noticed his watch was missing, he complained to our teacher, which was you. Pointing to my friend, you addressed the class saying, “This student’s watch was stolen during class today. Whoever stole it, please return it. ‘

“When no one returned the watch, you closed the door and asked all the students to stand up and form a circle. Then you all told us to close our eyes without taking a look. It wasn’t until all the students closed their eyes that you started rummaging in everyone’s pockets. When you searched my pocket, you found the watch. However, you continued to inspect the student’s pockets after me as well. Finally, after you searched each student, you announced: “Open your eyes. We have the watch.

“You surprised me. You didn’t tell me anything. You never mentioned the episode again. You never told anyone who stole the watch. You didn’t even scold me or scold me with a moral lesson. That day you saved my dignity forever. I realized that what I had done was the most shameful day of my life. And, that day, I decided not to become a thief or anything worse than that. I received your message. Thanks to you, I understood what an educator should do. Do you remember that incident, professor?

The old professor replied, “Yes, I know that. But do you know why I don’t remember you? This is because I also closed my eyes while looking for the watch for each student. This lesson for you is the essence of teaching: if to correct you have to humiliate, you don’t know how to teach.

I realize that the days of men searching in children’s pockets are long gone due to colossal character devaluation, but the principle is not. People of wisdom, remember that the youngest are in the prime of their lives. Their music will be louder; they will think faster – they are in this season of life. To strong people, remember that the wisdom of others could save your life. Their wisdom is necessary for you to be all that you can be. The strength and wisdom that work together is what makes communities whole.

Wisdom and strength complement each other and do not compete with each other. In fact, each has what the other needs but doesn’t know.

And remember, strong people, one day you are going to be like me.


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