Decision to Block Tax Measure to Increase Arizona Education Funding Wrong, Says 2 Judges | Local News


The essence of Friday’s 5-2 decision came as no surprise.

In this order of August 29, the majority criticized the organizers of the initiative for the way they explained the proposal to raise $ 690 million per year for education in the 100-word description of the petitions.

Part of this is the tax rate on earnings over $ 250,000 a year for individuals – $ 500,000 for couples – would have dropped from 4.54% to 8%. The initiative described this as a 3.46 percent increase.

The majority said it should have been described as a 3.46 percentage point increase. The actual percentage change was 76 percent.

Likewise, they said the new 9% tax bracket for individual income over $ 500,000 should have been described as a 98% increase.

Bales, in his dissent on Friday, berated his colleagues for dismissing a measure from the ballot because the description did not use “percentage points.”

“This does not mean that the description, as worded, created a substantial danger of confusion or injustice,” he wrote.

The majority, on Friday’s unsigned notice, disagreed.

“This difference is so large that it could materially affect whether a person would sign the petition, because it’s one thing to raise a person’s taxes by three to four percent and another to almost double them,” reads -we.


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