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New York, New York State – (Release the thread) – 25/10/2021 – The cross artistic shuttle NYC – Los Angeles – NYC operated by professional artistic logistics company Fine Art Shippers left New York on October 22. The shuttle is now on its way to California where it is expected to arrive on October 26. Dates are subject to change, so potential customers should contact the company in advance. Artwork collections and deliveries can be made by a team of art management experts along the route from the east coast to the west coast.

Fine Art Shippers is a New York-based art shipping company that has been providing art logistics services since 1995. It is primarily known for its bespoke art handling services and art shuttles across the world. countries that circulate regularly. Many contemporary art galleries, museums, artists, collectors and dealers look to the company for professional art packaging and shipping services provided by Fine Art Shippers at very competitive rates. Artistic shuttle services are no exception. They allow the artistic community and individuals to ship their delicate works over long distances safely and affordably.

Every art shuttle operated by Fine Art Shippers begins in New York City. After collecting works of art in New York’s five boroughs and neighboring cities, art shippers consolidate the delicate freight and prepare it for interstate travel. Whether the shuttle is going to Florida, Illinois or California, the team stops along the way, giving everyone the opportunity to ship their valuables quickly and hassle-free. For convenience, one can use a free shipping quote on the company’s official website or contact Fine Art Shippers directly.

The first stop for the NYC – Los Angeles – NYC artistic shuttle will be in Austin, Texas. Fine Art Shippers will also deliver artwork to Tucson, Arizona. Once the work in these two states is completed, the art management team will travel to California where they will stay for several days. The shuttle will have stops in San Diego, Los Angeles, Malibu, Chatsworth, San Francisco, Glen Ellen, and other cities in the Golden State.

From California, Fine Art Shippers will travel to Corvallis, Oregon. The shuttle will also have two stops in Colorado: Glenwood Springs and Vail. In addition, before reaching New York, the company will visit Wichita, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri.

About the NYC Art Shuttle
The NYC – Los Angeles – NYC Art Shuttle is a relevant and cost-effective service that every modern art collector, a gallery or an artist can benefit from it. Extensive expertise and experience make Fine Art Shippers a very efficient and reliable partner who guarantees a fruitful and risk-free cooperation.

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