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The Episcopal Church of Epiphany: Vision: Reconcile everything with God, so that the world may know peace and justice. Wed 11/17 — Flagstaff Youth Co-op 6:30 PM / [email protected]; Art gallery: Devastation: Restoring Life and Land at the Border / Photography, video and painting by: Miguel Gragenda, Laiken Jordahl, John Kurc, Susan Lyman, Jake Meyers, Paul Mirocha, Ash Ponders and Bob Torrez; www.opendoorsartinaction.org; Epiphany: 423 N Beaver, Office: 928-774-2911 / or call Jeanette Macauley – 928-853-0483.

Kadampa International Retreat Center: 10 am-1pm Everywhere we look, we find only the kindness of others. We are all interconnected in a web of benevolence from which it is impossible to separate. By using this deep way of thinking, we can transform our daily life and improve our good heart of kindness. Through this practice, our minds become more peaceful and balanced, our relationships become more stable and satisfying, and our lives more joyful! Everyone is welcome. $ 20.

Beacon UU Congregation Service: Mohandas Gandhi once speculated that with so many hungry people in the world, the next time God comes to earth, it will be in the form of a loaf of bread. I guess this bread will be simple, as close as possible to the integrity of wheat and water. With Thanksgiving on the horizon, a feast associated with home and celebration, how can we provide shelter and food, literally and figuratively, to those who are hungry and homeless? How could we invite the sacred (whatever its form) to come to us and act through us, in the form of the simplest bread with the most common ingredients – the water of humility and the grain of compassion, kneaded by our quest for justice, hands activated by the leaven of love, and baked in an oven of grace and gratitude. Reverend Robin Landerman Zucker, preaching with cult associate Char Tarashanti. The choir will sing, under the direction of Jason Drahos, with accompanist Austin Shaw. Come to the after-service gatherings at 11:00 a.m. to connect, share the joys and sorrows, and reflect on the service. These will be held in person, in the backyard of the church so that we can remove our masks.


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