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Tia Carmen is currently the most sought after dining experience in the area. The collaborative effort to create this inspired new place required not only an inspired chef and a seasoned restaurateur, but also a passionate team of designers and architects who believed in a common vision.

The restaurant opened in late April and the community is loving the Southwestern integration into everything from the Adobe-style feel with the accentuating curves and expansive ceiling to the seasonal and inspired. the flavours.

“Part of our vision in opening Tia Carmen is to embrace the community, which has resulted in huge local support,” said “Top Chef” contestant Angelo Sosa.

Sosa was inspired by his Dominican aunt”Tia“Carmen. He remembers having lived his childhoodflavor” memories and says she represents that person in all of our lives who inspired our soul to follow our hearts and our dreams.

Chef Angelo acquired his status by working with Jean-Georges Vongerichten and cook with Alain Ducasse. He not only launched several restaurants, including Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen and Mexican canteen Abajo and Death by Tequila, and has also published two cookbooks. His partnership with restaurateur Mark Stone in the latter effort is perhaps their greatest work to date.

They partnered with the Pima Reserve and learned to harness the abundance created by ancient technology and irrigation systems to produce a farm-to-table experience. Using Arizona grass-fed beef and heirloom varieties of grains and grasses, Sosa expresses his inspiration through his flavor experiences.

The restaurant features a bread table adorned with blue corn mesquite bread as a tribute to the region. They incorporated the living earth throughout the place with the design and incorporation of nature. Southwestern vases and baskets contribute to the contemporary Southwestern kitchen experience. There is also a selection of six different colored Water Frescoes including pineapple sage, prickly pear and rosemary.

Tia Carmen is located in the JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge Resort & Spa at 5350 E. Marriott Drive.


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