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Artwork by UNK senior Ally Carpenter is currently on display at the Walker Art Gallery on campus.

Erika Pritchard, UNK Communications

The creative process is a form of self-reflection for Carpenter, who uses his pieces, mostly ceramic paintings and sculptures, to express his emotions, thoughts and ideas.

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“I find it very cathartic to let these emotions out,” she said.

Carpenter also finds inspiration in the natural world, especially when she can get away from the city and escape modern civilization.

Most of her landscape paintings – a colorful sunset in Utah, serene snowfall in Nebraska, a fascinating desert canyon, and others – represent places she has visited. She often also mixes elements of symbolism.

Her goal is to show people how she sees the world, without being limited by a specific style.

“I think exploration is a very important process for me,” Carpenter said. “It’s just kind of who I am as a person. I’m very eclectic, so I like to be able to try out different styles whenever I want.

Ally carpenter

The creative process is a form of self-reflection for UNK senior Ally Carpenter, who uses art to express her emotions, thoughts and ideas.

Erika Pritchard, UNK Communications

Carpenter’s thesis exhibition, “Reflections on Nature & Self,” is on view until Thursday at the Walker Art Gallery inside the UNK Fine Arts Building. He presents pieces from all his time at UNK, as well as a dramatic installation that turned an entire wall into a forest scene. The Walker Art Gallery is open 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on weekdays.


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