Greta Thunberg warns of ‘catastrophic’ climate crisis at England’s Glastonbury Festival, says we must ‘put people first over profit and greed’


PILTON, Somerset, England — Greta Thunberg doesn’t have enough time in the world for cavalier politicians.

The 19-year-old Swedish climate activist took to the Pyramid Stage at England’s Glastonbury Festival on Saturday to berate those who run the world – and pound her into the ground, according to her speech.

“The delicately balanced natural patterns and cycles that are a vital part of the systems that support life on earth as we know it are being disrupted,” Thunberg said, earning cheers. “The consequences could be catastrophic. And no, unfortunately, this is not the new norm. This crisis will continue to escalate until we manage to stop the constant destruction of our vital systems, until we prioritize people over profit and greed.

She went on to dismiss what she appears to be the lip service rendered to the citizens of the world by its leaders.

“People in power don’t have to wait for someone else to start acting. Nor do they need conferences, treaties, international agreements to take real climate action. They could start right away,” Thunberg said. “And yet they actively choose not to. … Throughout history, we have known how to keep historical atrocities as far away from us as possible. It’s always been someone else in a distant place. But the climate crisis was created by us, the nations of the global north. It is a crisis of inequality that goes back to colonialism and beyond. Those who have done the least to cause it will suffer the most. All of this is ultimately a symptom of a much larger crisis: the crisis born of the idea that some people are worth more than others and therefore have the right to exploit and steal the land and resources of others, as well as the right to deplete the finite resources of the planet at an infinitely higher rate than others.

In the ‘Worthy Causes’ section of the festival’s website, it is noted: “This year, Oxfam, Greenpeace and WaterAid are joining forces to fight climate change and lift up the communities most affected”.

Glastonbury would have turned 50 in 2020 had it not been for the coronavirus pandemic, due to which it is the festival’s first incarnation since 2019.

Thunberg isn’t the only famous face to remind audiences at this year’s Glasto about sociopolitical issues.

Billie Eilish, the festival’s youngest headliner, and Phoebe Bridgers appealed the Supreme Court on Friday for overturning Roe v. Wade a few hours before, and with it the federal right to abortion.



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