Groups unveil climate law announcement ahead of midterms


Climate and progressive groups are launching a 12-week, $10 million ad campaign touting the new energy law, an effort aimed at youth and communities of color.

Driving the news: Ads start Monday on streaming services and social media platforms in states including Arizona, Michigan, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania and a few others.

  • They are designed to “educate voters” on the benefits of the law, as deployed by Climate Power, the League of Conservation Voters, the Black Progressive Action Coalition (BPAC), Somos Votantes and the NRDC Action Fund.
  • “Communities of color have often been left out of conversations about fighting climate change, the good jobs created to protect our natural resources, and lowering energy costs,” BPAC director Adrianne Shropshire said in a statement.

Enlarge: The first three places are called “Slide“, “Solve,” and “Facts.”

Why is this important: The campaign – which also includes events hosted by Climate Power around the state – is part of much broader moves by various climate advocates to promote the provisions of the Energy and Climate Act.

  • There’s a flurry of activity during election season, and new ads kick off what the groups call a multi-year surge.

The big picture: Several states affected by the purchase are medium-term battlefields. But a Climate Power spokesperson said the locations were chosen for reasons such as…

  • They are home to growing clean energy sectors.
  • The regions are affected by climate change, including extreme heat and flooding.
  • They have been sites for disinformation campaigns, including efforts targeting BIPOC communities.


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