Harris Advocates for Biden’s Climate Agenda in Lake Mead Sinking | Arizona and area news


Water levels in Lake Mead – created in the 1930s by the construction of dams on the Colorado River – have fallen to record levels. Federal officials declared the first-ever water shortage in the Colorado River in August, meaning Arizona, Nevada and Mexico will receive less water than normal next year amid severe severe weather. drought in the West.

In September, Reclamation released projections showing an even worse outlook for the river.

While California is untouched by next year’s cuts, the country’s most populous state has experienced one of its driest years on record while battling dozens of catastrophic wildfires.

Advocating for the $ 1,000 billion public works infrastructure deal, Harris referred to the “good union jobs” the spending program would create, citing pipefitters, electricians and plumbers as examples. This plan was passed by the Senate months ago and is awaiting House approval.

It contains approximately $ 8 billion for Western water supply projects, including desalination technology to make seawater usable, upgrading rural water infrastructure, and building water recycling capacity. worn.

Harris also spoke about the Biden administration’s proposed civilian Climate Corps, which she said would create hundreds of thousands of jobs by building trails, restoring streams and helping stop devastating wildfires.

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