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Calling her “extraordinary,” Zulma Peñaloza was baptized as Jehovah’s Witness on July 24.

“My boy put a chair in front of the television,” said the Valley resident, who then listened to a Bible talk for baptismal candidates in her home. Then she walked over to a private pool.

When she got up to be baptized, she said “it felt good”.

The shift to virtual conventions has brought positive changes to baptism, traditionally a main feature of every convention where mass baptisms are performed in front of large crowds.

Family and friends around the world can share the moment from their living room. “It helped,” said Peñaloza, who said with Zoom “everyone is on the screen”.

Jehovah’s Witnesses are maintaining their virtual summer conventions for the second year in a row.

“Even though we aspire to meet, life is far too precious to be in danger,” said Robert Hendriks, US spokesperson for Jehovah’s Witnesses.

“Mighty by faith! Is the theme of the 2021 global event, which is presented in more than 500 languages ​​to homes around the world over six weekends, bringing together 15 to 20 million people in 240 countries.

Before the pandemic, millions of people gathered in stadiums, arenas and theaters around the world for annual conventions of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Convention organizers say that while they look forward to future conventions live, the continued risk of bringing together thousands of people in large venues has prompted the organization to opt for a virtual platform again this time. year.

However, the move did not dampen enthusiasm for the annual event.

“For my wife and I, our annual convention remains the spiritual highlight of the year,” said Ricardo Barrio, one of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Arizona.

“We look forward to new information, updates from around the world and, of course, a feature film focused on a character from the Bible. Regardless of the format, it’s three days of positive encouragement. This spiritual boost keeps us strong.

Hendriks added, “Faith has helped our global fellowship continue to thrive even during a pandemic. Our faith will continue to unite us in worship – even virtually – as millions of people gather in private homes around the world to enjoy a powerful and inspiring spiritual program.

The final session of the convention, including the conclusion to the biblical drama “Daniel: A Life of Faith,” was released on August 16. The entire program is free and accessible on or on the JW Library app for iOS or Android. or on streaming platforms like Roku TV and Apple TV.

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