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Celebrate New Years and Twelfth Night with a reflection time, a cup of hot wassail, and a walk through the illuminated labyrinth of luminaria at the classic labyrinth of fountains, at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, January 5.

Veriditas Labyrinth’s psychologist and advanced facilitator, Dr. Robin Dilley, will provide an overview of the history and procedures of the labyrinth, followed by a guided candlelight walk.

A labyrinth is an ancient archetypal pattern that has continued over the centuries to provide a place to reflect, look within, pray, and negotiate new paths in one’s life.

Dilley’s presentation, “Twelfth Night: A Journey of Trust,” will develop the centuries-old story of three wise men following a star and explore how the power of history helps us connect, even on a winding path, to the deep. mysteries of life.

Introducing the maze to individuals and groups for decades, Dilley fell in love with the mazes during her journey with breast cancer.

Since then, she has created a new branch of her psychotherapy and counseling practice, Arizona Labyrinth Connections. She runs maze workshops focused on personal and spiritual growth while specializing in workshops against cancer and healing the body, soul and spirit.

Les Fontaines built its first labyrinth about 12 years ago. When the new building was completed about two years ago, members wanted to keep the structure.

“When we built the new one, we were able to make it about 20% bigger,” according to Pastor David Felten.

The new shape was designed to align with the winter solstice so that the sunrise is right at the entrance to the labyrinth.

Felten noted that the labyrinth of Chartres Cathedral in Chartres, France, is built into the floor of the chapel. Built during the Crusades, the faithful symbolically make the pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

Mazes can be found all over the world, Felten said. He helped build four in Arizona, including two in Fountain Hills, as well as one in DC Ranch and the United Methodist Church camp atop Mingus Mountain in the Prescott National Forest.

The January 5th presentation will begin on the patio outside the Fountain Connection Center, 15300 N. Fountain Hills Blvd. The suggested donation is $ 10 per person. Although this is an outdoor event, social distancing and COVID protocols will be respected. Whatever the vaccination status, wearing a mask will be mandatory to participate.

For more information visit, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or call 480-837-7627.


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