NOTICE: Students must get involved in the fight against climate change outside of Earth Day 2022


Following the publication of an alarming report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change last week, videos of scientists protesting around the world have since gone viral on all social media platforms. including one of NASA climatologists Peter Kalmus pleading, “We are going to lose everything. We are not joking. We don’t lie and we don’t exaggerate,” as he stood outside the JP Morgan building in Los Angeles.

Most university students understand the devastating effects of climate change and the steps that need to be taken to mitigate irreversible damage. The protests across the world over the past week have been chilling and many feel they need to start contributing to help be part of the solution to this ongoing crisis. However, many do not know where to start, how to act or how to get involved. Fortunately, Earth Day 2022 is April 22 and there are several upcoming events where students can learn to take action in their individual lives and on a larger level.

Earth Day is an important holiday each year as it is used to recognize the issues our society faces with climate change while encouraging more support around the world to protect our environment and create positive change. Earth Day is extremely crucial when it comes to the climate emergency because, in order to legislate for fundamental change, our governments must realize the urgency of putting environmental issues at the top of policy decisions.

At the University of Arizona, organizations like Students For Sustainability and UA Divest plan Earth Day-centric events throughout the week that are open to all students. Even if students are not part of these organizations, it is important that everyone takes the time to learn about the climate crisis and how to improve their individual lives in order to live more sustainably. Equally important is learning how we can all advocate for sustainable practices in local, national and global communities.


Some events taking place this coming week include an environmental summit on April 21 at 11 a.m. at UA Alumni Plaza and the UA Mall stage. According to UA SFS, the summit allows students to “meet behind the scenes with student organizations, institutes and community groups and listen to speakers.” There will also be an Earth Day panel discussion on April 22 at 1:00 p.m. in room S107 of the AU Environment and Natural Resources Building 2.

Climate change and the crisis we are currently going through are things that we cannot face alone. Everyone can find a role to play in this fight. There are several methods to reduce your personal footprint and there are also many ways to get involved at the community level. It’s important that we start getting involved in whatever way we can, no matter what we’re studying or where we are. If you need more information about the impacts of climate change, resources to fight climate change, or how to get involved and educated, the AU has several resources to contact, including the Office of Sustainability, AU SFS and AU divestment.

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