Opening of a state-of-the-art indoor pickleball club in Rye, NH


I first heard about Pickleball from my parents, knocking on the door in the 70s (sorry, guys, but it’s true!).

Getty Images/iStockphoto

Getty Images/iStockphoto

I thought it was a sport that was only enjoyed by people in their prime, but I was wrong!

Pickleball is no longer just your parents’ sport.

According to, Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the country.

So what is it ?

The article explains that Pickleball is a paddle sport similar to tennis with these five rules:

  • the ball must stay in bounds
  • there should be a bounce on each side
  • the serve must be done at the baseline
  • the serve cannot land in the non-volley zone
  • the game ends at 11, 15 or 21 points.

After a major spike in popularity during the pandemic, Pickleball is now officially mainstream. People of all ages are pickleballin’. Spellcheck tells me that “pickleballin” isn’t a real word, but I’m feeling feisty today and I’m going to carry on with my grammatically incorrect self.

Some signs Pickleball has gone mainstream (according to

  • Major networks like CBS broadcast games
  • Major publications like the New York Times have stated pickleball “ready for prime time”
  • Major sports brands sell pickleball material and sponsorship pickleball players
  • The children understood, with the emergence pickleball influencers as young as Gen Alpha

Look at this young Pickleballer (apparently not a word either)! GET DOWN MY BUSINESS, SPELL CHECK.

With pickleball spreading like wildfire, news of an indoor pickleball club opening in Rye, New Hampshire is incredibly exciting.

The New England Pickleball club will have 6 indoor courts (7 including the practice court for all your practice needs). Each court is named after a New England state.

Some courts even have cameras so you can record your game! Tom Brady wouldn’t be Tom Brady if he didn’t repeatedly watch movies and identify areas for improvement. Imagine, you could be the Tom Brady of pickleball!

Here’s owner Dave Velardo showing us how the club is moving forward:

There is no fixed opening date as far as we know, but if you look at their Instagram they are getting closer and closer to opening every day! Follow New England Pickleball Club on social media for all updates.

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