Ranking All Alternate And Returning Headphones From ‘Work Of Art’ To ‘Totally Hideous’


Nearly half of National Football League teams have released their alternate or returning helmets for the 2022 season, but which are the best.

With the new NFL policy dictating that teams are now allowed to wear two different helmets per season, a change from the one helmet rule that was in place in order to help prevent concussions and other injuries to the head, many teams branched out and decided to get a little experimental with their picks.

With the rules meaning they can now match their helmet to their alternate or retro uniforms, this means we no longer have to see modern day mismatched helmets versus 1970s inspired uniform designs for example.

Cincinnati Bengals, Atlanta Falcons, New England Patriots, Philadelphia Eagles, Chicago Bears, Houston Texans, Arizona Cardinals, Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants York, Washington Commanders, Carolina Panthers, New York Jets and New Orleans Saints have all released a second helmet that either features a new design to match a current uniform, or an old one that can line up with their throwback uniforms.

But which teams came up with the best designs and which teams would be better off sticking to what they got? Using TierMaker.com, we’ve categorized helmets into five categories:


Something that should have happened a long time ago and hopefully will last a long time.


Very nice design, but just missing that special something to make it perfect.


A good design, but nothing particularly special.


Needs a lot of work if they want to bring them back for the 2023 season.

Totally hideous:

They shouldn’t even have cared, thrown them away and started over.

So, with the criteria out of the way, let’s see how the teams put in their effort:

Artwork: Cincinnati Bengals, Houston Texans

Layer: Atlanta Falcons, Arizona Cardinals

Medium: New England Patriots, Dallas Cowboys (retro), Carolina Panthers, New Orleans Saints

Poor: Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants, Dallas Cowboys (alternate)

Totally hideous: Chicago Bears, Washington Commanders, New York Jets

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