“Side Hustle” No Prep ’55 Chevy by Tom Lincoln and Jerry Jahnsen


They may call it the “Side Hustle,” but the absolutely outstanding American art work of Tom Lincoln and Jerry Jahnsen, otherwise known as their 1955 Chevrolet 210 sedan, takes center stage on both display and on the track.

Growing up in Sacramento, Jahnsen was inspired by his father’s heartbreaking races and efforts. The young man quickly followed in his pop’s footsteps and started karting at the age of around 12. He won numerous accolades and championships before moving on to compete in modified midgets on local dirt tracks.

The Northern California native got into drag racing in his late teens, but it wasn’t until around 2015 that he teamed up with Tom Lincoln to form the now famous duo “Tom and Jerry Racing “. “We built three NHRA Heritage Series cars together at Top Sportsman, and now in the grudge racing scene,” Jahnsen said of the private, self-funded operation.

The first, a 1967 Chevy Nova, won its first race – the Walk Meet – in the B / Gas division with Jahnsen at the wheel. More victories soon followed, but the men switched to a gorgeous 1969 Chevy Camaro and won five 6.90 Door Slammer Series events in their first season only to claim the league title. The Top Sportsman competition quickly followed, as did other successes in several classes.

In 2018, however, the men returned to their roots with outlaw-style 1/8 mile drag races and began building their magnificent 1955 Chevrolet 210 especially for the “Street Outlaws: No Prep” series. Kings “from Discovery Channel.

“We had done a lot of grudge racing with Team Boddie in California and the all-carbon Camaro didn’t quite fit the rules of what we wanted to do,” Jahnsen explained of how he and Lincoln have changed course with a new car. rather. “We liked that the Chevrolet 55 could use a 36-inch high tire and had a longer wheelbase. We thought it was a good combination for the non-preparation.

With the construction base selected, the work and assembly of the chassis was done by the talented Wade Ramsey of Sarmento Race Cars in Yuba City, CA.

“We use a big four link tube, Penske shocks from Chris Bell, a third member from Carmack Engineering, carbon fiber drivetrain and made in 9 inches by Wade [Ramsey]”Jahnsen said of the sturdy, sturdy suspension and rear configuration.

While the classic car’s underside is impressive, its engine bay is truly a pitfall. Between the frame spars is a top-of-the-line Hemi overhead cam engine from Professional online course. The engine builder’s shorter push rods and revised rocker arm assembly add stability to the valve train and make it the most powerful and reliable Hemi platform offered by PLR.

Powered by Billet atomizer injectors of 700 pounds per hour and controlled by a FuelTech autonomous engine management system, M&M The transmissions provided the Turbo 400 gearbox to take over the 3,500 plus horsepower that the Hemi pumps through its zoomie-style headers thanks to the crank. ProCharger Compressor F-3X-143.

With a steel roof and quarters, the car – which men have dubbed the “Side Hustle” – received the majority of its body panels and skin from Real steel business in Florida. “I explained to them my vision and what I wanted to do, and now they have a brake set for a lot of 55’s Chevrolets and Nova’s,” Jahnsen said of how his project inspired a new product line. .

Inside, the 210 sedan has been decked out in carbon fiber with its all-carbon interior and custom carbon seats. Stroud Safety harnesses keep Jahnsen in place as he moves incredibly fast on the running surface, and the matching double Stroud chutes help him to stop safely.

Not the kind of men to do anything halfway, Lincoln and Jahnsen worked with Doug Reed of Reed’s Auto Body in Redding, Calif., To spray the tri-five with a tricolor paint made up of Axalta Standox Standoblue, Cadillac Escalade Charcoal Gray and Porsche Metallic Jet Black which contrasts perfectly with the shiny work and chrome. “He did a phenomenal job of painting the car,” Jahnsen said.

Finally, a set of emblematic Welding stroke wheels, 16 × 16 in the rear with massive Goodyear corrugated wall plies, were bolted around a set of Strange engineering brakes before the car starts to mark the world.

Thanks to an invitation from ProCharger to show the car on the company’s booth at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas in 2018, the schedule was truncated to eight months and included nearly 1,500 hours of work.

When complete, Tom and Jerry’s newest addition has been carefully transported into the wilderness to await its grand debut under the lights of the biggest auto show on the planet.

As expected, “Side Hustle” received tremendous attention from attendees and media alike thanks to its meticulously designed chassis, well-planned plumbing, impeccable workmanship, powerful engine, serious supercharger, and flawless paintwork. The mothers also selected the Chevrolet to receive its prestigious “Excellence in Automotive Design” award, rightly validating all the painstaking efforts involved in the creation of the car.

“It was a big deal to do it, but winning an award with a dragster car at SEMA is almost unheard of – it shows really well,” Jahnsen added proudly.

After creating a sensation in the industry, Jahnsen and Lincoln began to contend for their unique entry into an unprepared competition in 2019. With a lot of momentum, the Pro Line powered machine clearly stood out and helped both Tom and Jerry to stand out in a big way when Jahnsen won the “Future Cast” class during a shoot of “Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings” at Firebird Raceway in Idaho.

During the “No Prep Kings” race at South Georgia Motorsports Park in Valdosta, Georgia in June 2021, Jahnsen had the honor of defeating one of the biggest names on the circuit – Jerry “Monza” Johnston – as part of of the “Race Your Way In” competition and has proven that he has both the talent and the equipment to beat the best of the best.

A few months later, in September, the men scored an impressive victory with a victory in the Outlaw Big Tire category in the “No Prep Kings” race at Firebird Raceway in Arizona. There, one of the fittest 1955 Chevrolets to grace the drag track towered over anyone who dared to line up against it.

Using skills he learned from his previous unprepared experience, Jahnsen left his standard big tire category to compete in the ranks of the outlaws instead. With no rules and a ‘run what you brought in’ format, Jahnsen knew he was going to take on specially designed Pro Mods, but was confident his car would be competitive.

Consistent passing and expert handling ultimately helped Jahnsen secure his position on the final lap where he was able to easily defeat the twin-turbo Corvette in the opposite lane with the advantage from start to finish.

In October, the air grew colder and Jahnsen warmed up. While racing in Ennis, TX, Jahnsen defeated Kye Kelley in his Camaro “Showstopper” in the second round of the invitational portion of the season four “No Prep Kings” tour.

Lincoln and Jahnsen are also part of the Street Outlaws: Team Attack program as they represent Team Cali alongside Mike Bowman.

“I really love the fans and the chatter that goes on with the races without preparation and with grudge,” said the driver, who also enjoys the fierce competition very much. For him, it’s more than a race, it’s the overall experience. Jahnsen also appreciates how unprepared races can serve as an equalizer for teams where there may not be parity between budgets. “The instant green and the unprepared surface help a car that might not be so quick to stand a chance. These are all very expensive cars racing here, we won’t get away from it, but it gives guys like us a little less to do a lot more.

All of the success and surrounding publicity helped Lincoln and Jahnsen’s local program grow into an internationally renowned operation. Likewise, their efforts are recognized and commemorated by major manufacturers, as “Side Hustle” recently featured on the cover of a JEGS mail order catalog.

Going forward, Lincoln and Jahnsen have every intention of hurting feelings a lot more with their 1955 Chevrolet 210 “Side Hustle” sedan in unprepared races – and they’re certainly going to look great while they do. “There have been a lot of great people involved in this project who have all worked really hard, and we try to represent them as best we can wherever we go,” the wheelman concluded.

Watch “Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings” on the Discovery Channel to see Tom and Jerry Racing’s classic car in action and to see drag racing drama as it unfolds.


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