The McCoy Hotel celebrates its first anniversary with the “Arizona Art Fest”


It’s been a year since Tucson’s first “art hotel” opened its walls covered with murals for all to see. To celebrate, the spirits behind the McCoy Hotel are hosting the Arizona Art Fest, a day-long event that turns 10 of the hotel’s rooms into tiny venues.

The McCoy Hotel has partnered with Borderlands Brewing Company and Roux Events to host the event, which will turn one room into a concert hall, another room into a live painting gallery, another room into a fashion show, a another piece in a comedy setting, etc. . Participants will receive program guides to guide them through all of the different artistic experiences inside.

The evening features several local bands and artists including Brian Lopez, Seanloui, Little Cloud, Juju Fontaine, Street Blues Family and more. Additionally, local breweries, wineries and food trucks will provide snacks and drinks.

Combining entertainment and art, four local artists will host presentations, sharing their artistic process and stories. A total of 25 Arizona artists will participate in what the McCoy Hotel hopes will be “the first in a new annual Tucson tradition.”


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