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(3TV/CBS 5) — Lori and Chad await trial for the murders of JJ, Tylee and Tammy. The biggest question remains: why? Investigators believe the couple used their religious beliefs to justify the killings. This podcast episode dives deep into their beliefs and supposed powers.


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Chapter 0: Breaking News: In this first episode, Kim Powell and Morgan Loew discuss the murder charges brought against Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell. What new evidence came to light when prosecutors made their announcement? And they’ve set the stage for future episodes, which will detail what led to a devoted wife and mother becoming a defendant in a notorious murder case.

Chapter 1: A Death in Chandler: Charles Vallow had just arrived in town. Her marriage was falling apart. His wife had a strange behavior. But Vallow was determined to keep things as normal as possible for his son and daughter-in-law. Charles Vallow’s life came to a violent end in a rental home in Chandler on the morning of July 11, 2019. This episode chronicles what happened that day, what led up to it, and how that first death opened the way to suspicion and coolness. future deaths.

Chapter 2: Lori’s Family: In this episode, Morgan Loew talks to Lori Vallow’s mother and sister. The interview took place in May 2020, before Lori was charged with murder. But the conversation you’ll hear includes information about Lori’s past and her possible motivations. This episode includes parts of the interview that have never been released before.

Case Update: The Murder of Charles Vallow: Morgan Loew breaks down the latest developments in the conspiracy case against Lori Vallow, including the probable cause statement, released by Chandler Police, which details what led to Charles Vallow’s death and how police believe that Lori was involved.

Chapter 3: Idaho: With Lori Vallow’s husband out of sight shot by his brother in Chandler, Arizona, Lori decided it was time for a fresh start. Lori, her brother, and her children, JJ and Tylee, all moved to Rexburg, Idaho. However, shortly after arriving, Tylee disappeared. And two weeks later, JJ disappeared.

Case update: 2,500 police documents: In this episode, Kim Powell and Morgan Loew discuss the recent release of thousands of pages of police reports, emails and other evidence in the Lori Vallow case. They include an unpublished letter from Charles Vallow to Lori, as well as new evidence that Alex Cox left the country three days after shooting and killing Charles.

Chapter 4: Where are the children?: Lori Vallow and her brother suddenly moved from Arizona to Rexburg, Idaho with her two children, JJ and Tylee. But soon, the two children disappeared. Then Lori and her new husband, Chad Daybell, also go off the radar. Where are they? And where are these two children? In the midst of this already bizarre investigation, Lori’s brother suddenly dies.

Chapter 5: Zombies: In this episode, Melanie and Ian Pawlowski explain how the word “Zombies” came to be associated with Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell. Melanie is Lori’s niece, and this is the inside story of how Melanie’s new husband came to write a memo to the FBI, which described Vallow and Daybell’s bigoted beliefs. The episode features excerpts from an interview originally conducted in early summer 2020.

Chapter 6: The Evidence: Charles Vallow’s death has often been a big question mark in the case, having initially been considered self-defense. However, new evidence released by Chandler police shows they never felt Lori and her brother were telling the truth.

Chapter 7: The Boudreaux Connection: On October 2, 2019, Brandon Boudreaux was driving to his home in Gilbert, Arizona when someone opened fire and struck his vehicle. According to Boudreaux, only four people knew where he lived at that time. And he suspected that the attempt on his life was linked to his ex-wife, Melani, and her family members. These family members are Lori Vallow and her brother, Alex Cox. Two years later, Gilbert police recommended that prosecutors press charges for conspiracy to commit attempted first-degree murder of Lori and Chad Daybell. Reporters Kim Powell and Morgan Loew break down this latest criminal case against Lori and Chad.

Chapter 8: The Garden: We have gone back and forth between the context of this case and the latest developments as the accusations pile up against Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell. It’s time to answer the biggest question of all: where are the kids?

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