Twins and MBA unveil brand new public art installation Target Field


MINNEAPOLIS-ST. PAUL, MN – Continuing a baseball stadium tradition, the Minnesota Twins and the Minnesota Ballpark Authority (MBA) will unveil the brand new public art installation at Target Field today: a 66-foot-long glass mosaic on the side of the 7th Street at Target Plaza (near Gate 29) which features the themes “All are Welcome to Target Field” and “Celebrating the Rich Diversity of Our Community”. Designed by the renowned Minneapolis duo of mosaic artist Daniela Bianchini and muralist Kalaka, and comprised of thousands of individual glass pieces, this majestic mural brings together Minnesota’s many cultures and communities in a colorful expression of unity.

“Among the many things that make Target Field special, our ongoing celebration of public art is one that the Twins organization is especially proud of,” said club president and CEO Dave St. Peter. “From the 5th Street facade to Target Plaza to 7th, inside and outside the stadium, these works represent our game, our team and our community in a way as unique as the artists themselves. Target Field is for everyone, and we’re thrilled that our baseball stadium “porch” now celebrates the wonderful diversity of our city, state and region – not just on game day, but every day. . We are grateful to our MBA partners and congratulate Daniela and Kalaka for their incredible vision, energy and talent.

“When we began designing Target Field, we focused on both creating seamless connections to downtown Minneapolis and the North Loop, and creating quality spaces outside the gates. to bring people to the ballpark all year round,” said MBA Executive Director Dan Kenney. “We are very excited about the amazing work of Daniela and Kalaka and the vibrancy the new mural adds to the place.”

The mosaic mural is as varied and special as the people it depicts. Bianchini and Kalaka’s art depicts an inclusive group of fans entering Target Field, with a diversity of colors, ethnicities, ages, genders, even vegetation and animals. The artists’ intention is for everyone who walks by the mural and in Target Field to feel represented, to feel a sense of belonging and welcome. The room is surrounded on the stadium side by a sun to symbolize hope for a bright future, and on the far side of the square by an individual waving to present an open invitation for others to join.

Bianchini and Kalaka were selected from a pool of 16 Minnesota-based artists and duos who responded to the Twins and MBA’s initial request for proposals in September 2021. Five finalists were chosen to submit a detailed proposal and subsequent interview with a selection committee made up of select Twins front office and MBA staff, plus a representative of the MBA commissioner. Bianchi and Kalaka won the project in November 2021; the design was finalized in January, and work on the mosaics began that month. The installation on Target Plaza was completed this week.

A list of other notable Target Field public art installations can be found on the next page.

Daniela Bianchini, a native of Córdoba, Argentina, who moved to Minnesota 20 years ago when she was 19 and fell in love with the state, believes that creativity and art – especially the mosaic art – have the potential to bring people together to create amazing things. Daniela has an enthusiasm, passion and excitement for mosaics, a medium which she believes brings together experiences, places, people and colors. Although she has participated in exhibitions and art shows, Daniela’s goal is to use her artistic passion to create mosaic murals that beautify public spaces, promote the arts and express culture for enjoyment. of all.

Kalaka – painter, muralist and illustrator – was born in Chile but, together with his parents, was exiled to Venezuela at an early age. He graduated in Literature from the Central University of Venezuela, while he studied Illustration and Graphic Art at the Escola de Comic Joso in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Kalaka’s family history within social and political activism, as well as the impact generated by the urban art movement in Barcelona, ​​has guided his work towards the urgent and timely intervention of public space; thus, his path to becoming a contemporary muralist. Kalaka’s work can be seen on city walls around the world, including Argentina, Colombia, Cuba, France, Germany, Mexico, Peru, Spain, the United States, and Venezuela. His illustrations have appeared in four published books, including two for children. Currently, Kalaka is developing storybook art by Spanish singer and songwriter Amparo Sánchez, while co-creating public art with mosaic artist Daniela Bianchini. For more information, please visit


The Wave by Ned Kahn (2010)

Attached to the Target Plaza side of Ramp B, Ned Kahn’s “The Wave” is a 60-foot-high by 600-foot-long cable-net structure made up of tens of thousands of card-like aluminum elements. baseballs swaying in the wind. The project, which is illuminated with LED lights, was a collaboration between Kahn and landscape architect Tom Oslund and Associates.

5th Street Murals by Craig David (commissioned by the Minnesota Ballpark Authority; 2010)

Created by St. Paul artist Craig David, the three-panel porcelain mosaic along the 5th Street facade of Target Field celebrates water and sustainability, baseball and public transit. “Sustainability Reborn” is eight feet tall and 24 feet wide, while “A History of Minnesota Baseball” and “Transit Then and Now” each measure eight feet by 30 feet.

Twins Legends statues by Bill Mack (2010, 2011, 2012 and 2017)

Designed by Minneapolis-based sculptor Bill Mack, these statues represent some of the biggest influences in Minnesota Twins history: Rod Carew (2010), Harmon Killebrew (2010), Kirby Puckett (2010), Carl and Eloise Pohlad ( 2010), Tony Oliva (2011), Kent Hrbek (2012) and Tom Kelly (2017).

Golden Glove (2010) and TC (2014) Statues by TivoliToo (2010)

Designed by Twin Cities-based TivoliToo as a tribute to the Twins’ past, present and future Gold Glove Award winners, the seven-foot-by-nine-foot Golden Glove statue in Target Plaza near Gate 34 is a favorite photo spot for the Twins. fans since the ballpark opened in 2010. In 2014, the five-foot-tall statue of the Twins’ beloved mascot, TC, was unveiled on Plaza’s Gate 29 side.

Target Field Station (2014)

Northstar by Al Price (funded by The Northstar Project, operated by the Minnesota Ballpark Authority)

Arizona artist Al Price used stainless steel grates to create a star shape on the ceiling of Target Field Station. The configuration is based on moiré patterns: when two patterns overlap to create a third that changes when the position of the viewer or pattern changes.

CityGlyphs by Craig David (commissioned by the Minnesota Ballpark Authority)

The walls of the amphitheater seats are adorned with three murals featuring the themes of Transit, Sustainability and Gathering; each features universal icons in a contemporary design based on ancient petroglyphs. The concept was created by Craig David in collaboration with team artists Jennifer David and Alan Svoboda.

Curve Ball Fountain by Zoran Mojsilov (commissioned by the Minnesota Ballpark Authority)

Created by Minneapolis sculptor Zoran Mojsilov in granite and stainless steel, this 10-foot by 25-foot by 25-foot water feature is topped with marble stones salvaged from the 1890 Metropolitan Building, believed to be the world’s first skyscraper. from Minneapolis.

Custom bike buckles by Greg Ingraham (commissioned by Minnesota Ballpark Authority)

Designed by local artist and landscape architect Greg Ingraham, these custom bike racks double as transit and baseball-themed art around Target Field Station.

Designer within Populous Activate, Mary Lim’s “Twins City” spans the walls inside Truly On Deck’s glass elevator shaft and combines the dual nature of Minneapolis and St. a single landscape to celebrate the Twins brand and community.

Northern Lights by Adam Turman

“Northern Lights” by Minneapolis-based illustrator Adam Turman uses his namesake natural light show, along with oversized evergreen trees, to dominate the backdrop of Truly On Deck’s two-story mural celebrating twins and National Baseball Hall of Famers Bert Blyleven, Rod Carew, Harmon Killebrew and Kirby Puckett, as well as the club’s 1987 and 1991 World Series championships.

Pennant and Opening Day by Forrest Wozniak

Forrest Wozniak, a Minneapolis native and lifelong Twins fan, painted the iconic “Opening Day” in the main lobby adjacent to the entrance to Truly On Deck, as well as “Pennant,” which brings the joy of victory to the restaurant’s main stairwell.

5278 Swings by Jenny Zannata

Twin Cities native Jenny Zannata, who specializes in creating unique visual experiences that come to life in unexpected ways, has done just that with “5,728 Swings.” Using the barrels of as many bats as in the name – some blue, some red and some beige – Zannata has created a two-panel piece that, on one wall, has a three-dimensional representation of the iconic brand” TC” from the Twins and, on the other, a 3D version of the Major League Baseball logo.


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