Vail Associate Superintendent Seeks Biparty Education Reform in Arizona | Local News


Hoffman “is genuine… and courageous. People dismissed it first, and they shouldn’t have ignored it, ”he said. “I think I can help him. I think that’s why I finally decided to quit my dream job in the community I’m so invested in.

Vail’s superintendent Calvin Baker, whom Carruth called his “dear friend and mentor,” praised his colleague. He said Carruth had served more as a “co-director” than an assistant, so his departure is somewhat bittersweet.

“John’s appointment is a great loss for Vail, but a big step forward for education in Arizona,” Baker said. “We are proud of John Carruth and confident that he will do a good job.”

Hoffman is no stranger to the Vail District, having worked as a speech language pathologist for three years while Carruth was assistant superintendent. She said she respects his dedication to creating inclusive learning experiences for Vail students and looks forward to him bringing this approach to the state level.

“I think he’s going to make an incredible contribution to building this kind of culture and making equity a priority in our schools,” Hoffman said.

As for Carruth, he can’t wait to get down to business. Despite his inexperience in running a government agency – and as large as the Department of Education – he is up to the challenge. He said he understands the nuances of Arizona’s historically conservative education policy and politics, and advocacy plans for bipartisan reforms that both sides can support.


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